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ESPN Will Temporarily Stop Airing Several Prominent Shows

Tony Kornheiser blasted today's Washington Post cover.


In the wake of sports' shutdown due to the coronavirus outbreak, ESPN is making some major changes to its television lineup in the coming days.

The network will cancel all of its DC-based shows for the time being, according to The Athletic's Richard Deitsch. That means ESPN staple Pardon The Interruption with Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon will not be airing during the sports hiatus.

Longtime PTI coordinating producer Bonnie Berko confirmed the news. She also said Around The Horn, Highly Questionable and High Noon are also getting paused.

"Gotta protect the old people! (TK and Mike) (OK, me too) Stay tuned! We will be BACK! (Hopefully soon) Stay healthy, people!" Berko tweeted.

The Worldwide Leader is also making some changes to its SportsCenter schedule, per Deitsch. The early morning edition has been put on ice.

As Deitsch says, look for ESPN to keep its options open during this time. We're in uncharted waters here due to this pandemic.

Without actual games to show and talk about, the network will have to get creative to fill its airtime.