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Fired Radio Host Has Message For ESPN's Maria Taylor

ESPN college football reporter Maria Taylor.


ESPN's Maria Taylor had an eventful week to say the least. But one of the many people who took a shot at her last week has a message for the ESPN host.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday, recently-fired radio host Dan McNeil apologized for inappropriate comments made about Taylor's Monday Night Football outfit. McNeil mocked Taylor's outfit, saying on Twitter that she looked like "a host for the AVN annual awards presentation."

The Chicago-based radio host deleted his tweet, but not before screengrabs exposed him. He was fired from his job shortly afterwards.

In his apology to Taylor, McNeil said he was trying to make a joke, but admitted that it fell on its face. He offered Taylor the "best of luck" and called her "terrific."

"I apologize, @MariaTaylor, for the harsh critique of your outfit on MNF. Going for a quick laugh, I failed conclusively. Best of luck -- you're terrific. #GoneFishin"

It's good to see McNeil apologizing. But it's probably not going to do him any good. He's still out of a job at TheScore while Maria Taylor remains one of ESPN's top hosts.

Taylor doesn't need his "best of luck" wishes either. She's earned her spot on the NFL sidelines through hard work and talent.

If nothing else, the Taylor-McNeil controversy will hopefully make others think twice before clicking "tweet."

Here's to hoping.