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Kay Adams Hints At Why She Split From NFL Network

Kay Adams on NFL Network prior to her last day of hosting the Good Morning Football show.

In May, Kay Adams announced that she was leaving NFL Network's Good Morning Football. Although a return isn't imminent, she is leaving the door open. 

On Wednesday, a Twitter user sent the following message to Adams: "Just want to say I hope you come back to NFL network. Your insights, thoughts, and opinions are missed as it's just not the same without you and the draft will not be the same with you and I wish you luck in all you do."

Adams' response to that tweet was interesting to say the least. 

"Thanks," Adams wrote. "Me too, they gotta figure it out!" 

That response makes it seem like NFL Network was at fault for Adams' departure in the spring. 

Adams also responded to another fan who said, "So you're saying there's a chance."

"Hopefully! Would love to," Adams tweeted

Adams is currently hosting Up & Adams on FanDuel TV every Monday through Friday.