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Kayce Smith: In Photos, What To Know About The Barstool Sports Personality

Kayce Smith during a Barstool Sports YouTube video.

Barstool Sports/YouTube

Whether you're a fan of Barstool Sports, Boston sports or an avid user of social media, there's a good chance you've heard of Kayce Smith. A fast-riser in the Barstool world, Smith has made a name for herself as a writer, host and overall personality for the media company. Born in Arlington, Texas and a proud alumna of Texas A&M University, it's pretty interesting that Smith ended up in the Northeast.

Given the steady growth of Barstool and Smith's success within the company, you should expect to see more of her for years to come. With the help of some photos, let's learn a little more about Kayce Smith, her come up and her current role at Barstool Sports.

Start in the sports media world

After graduating college in 2012 with a communications degree, Kayce Smith became a radio host for Smith began covering the Aggies the same year Johnny Manziel stepped on campus, so it's safe to assume she had plenty to talk about that season. Smith and Manziel must have formed a friendship as the two eventually hosted a podcast together.

After about two years, Smith landed her first sideline reporting gig with FOX Sports South and the Atlanta Hawks. Not too long after taking the job, Smith left FOX Sports for ESPN. While at ESPN she primarily worked with the SEC Network, but also reported during ESPNU events.

After two years with ESPN, Smith joined forces with SB Nation as the host of her own show, The Kayce Smith Show. In the six months of the show's existence, Smith recorded 50 episodes, which featured "hot takes on the hottest topics in college football and beyond."

Right after the final episode of her show, Smith took a job with NBC Sports Boston. While in Boston, Smith was a co-host on Boston Sports Tonight alongside Tom Curran, Michael Holley and Tom Giles. When asked if the transition from the SEC football world to the Boston sports community was difficult, she told Barrett Sports Media that she was prepared for the change, because she "took on the challenge head on and treated it like going back to school and studied like crazy." She learned everything she needed to know by listening to Boston radio and reading a number of books on the subject. Smith says she loves Boston, but wishes the city cared more about college football.

While she was only with NBC Sports Boston for a little over a year, Smith certainly made a name for herself in the northeast.

Joining Barstool Sports

While Smith's career was on the rise, so was the success of Barstool Sports. Around the same time that the company was gaining a national audience, Smith was hired, and her career really started to take off. Barstool's content is far less traditional than a more traditional sports media company. You're not going to find the same content that you might at ESPN. It takes a certain type of person to succeed at Barstool. From the start of her time at Barstool, it was apparent that Kayce Smith was a good fit. She offers a light, off the cuff and raw approach that continues to resonate with the Barstool audience.

While college football is her specialty, a quick scroll through her twitter reveals that she's a fan of just about every sport. Similar to her Barstool co-workers, she also loves to gamble and knows a ton of sports trivia. Smith favorite part about working at Barstool Sports is "the freedom to do and say whatever I want."

Shows hosted at Barstool

Smith shows her versatility as a writer and on-camera personality by posting daily blogs and hosting multiple shows for Barstool. She is credited with hosting the College Football Show, the Pro Football Football Show, Unnecessary Roughness, Life's Too Short To Bet The Under,The Dime Package and regularly appears on The Dozen Trivia, Barstool's trivia show.

Kayce Smith's battle with cancer

Smith was attending a Texas A&M football game when a dermatologist watching the game from the fourth row noticed a worrisome birth mark on the back of her shoulder. The fan didn't get the chance to express her concern during the game, but because Smith was a reporter for ESPN at the time, but she later reached out to inform Smith that her birthmark may be cancerous.

Luckily the fan was able to get in touch with her, because the birthmark was in fact cancerous. Smith was diagnosed with Stage 1 Melanoma and after some more testing, doctors had to remove a tumor. Smith underwent more tests to see if the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes and fortunately it hadn't. These results meant that she was officially in remission.

Smith says she wants everyone fighting cancer to know that they "are not alone" and that "there are so many of us who know what it's like to be thrown the curve ball of cancer. Fight on, and never give up."

Smith's family life, future at Barstool Sports

Despite how wide open most Barstool Sports personalities are, Kayce Smith has kept some aspects of her personal life quiet. The 32-year old sportscaster does not appear to be married, and any current relationships have not been made public.

In 2020 Smith signed an extension with Barstool that will keep her with the company for years to come. Based on various interviews, her social media feed and her appearances on the various shows, it's pretty obvious that she is very happy at Barstool.

Smith has done just about everything one can do in the sports media world. She's hosted radio shows on all levels, been a sideline reporter, written blogs and continues to add to her resume every year.

When asked what advice she would give to someone trying to make it in the industry Smith said to "Always be yourself. That’s how you stand out. Nobody wants a clone of something that already exists."

If you've seen Smith on one of her many shows, you can tell that she 100% lives by that advice.