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Photo: Kirk Herbstreit's College GameDay Outfit Went Viral Today

kirk herbstreit looking very tan at the nfl draft


Kirk Herbstreit had to do today's College GameDay broadcast from his home in Nashville today. As anyone who has had a meeting over Zoom in the last few months can relate, he decided to keep things semi-casual.

During the week, Herbstreit came into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. So far, Herbstreit has tested negative, which is good news. He and ESPN made the smart decision not to risk things, in case there is a delay in the virus appearing, and to have him work remotely this weekend.

He will also call today's Miami vs. Florida State game from home. Before he prepares for that, his appearance on GameDay went a bit viral today.

Kirk Herbstreit was all business up top, with his typical shirt and tie get-up. Below that, however, he went with the gym shorts, with no shoes or socks. A very relatable move for the top ESPN college football personality.

Most people would pretend like they're not pulling this off, but towards the end of the broadcast he made sure the cameras panned down. We also got a shot of Herbie's two very good, very sleepy dogs.

Kirk Herbstreit caught some bizarre flak from some fans for his decision to stay home and take precautions, people who Scott Van Pelt rightly called out on Twitter last night. Everyone should be glad that ESPN is playing it safe and not unnecessarily endangering anybody, while still executing the show that we all enjoy.

Herbstreit will be back on TV for the remote Miami vs. Florida State call at 7:30 p.m. ET.