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Look: Dan Dakich Appears To Have Deleted His Twitter Account

espn college basketball analyst dan dakich


ESPN commentator Dan Dakich appears to have handled his involvement in a recent Twitter controversy by deleting his account altogether.

Over the weekend, Dakich was called out for making misogynistic comments and doxxing Duke professor Nathan Kalman-Lamb on his popular ESPN Radio show in Indianapolis. Dakich's actions stemmed from a lengthy Twitter argument with Kalman-Lamb, a lecturing fellow at Duke who focuses on "the intersection of sport, labor, race, and social inequality."

The debate centered around Kalman-Lamb calling out Dakich as one of the media members who covers and profits off of college basketball while not advocating for student-athlete compensation. Duke freshman forward Jalen Johnson's decision to leave the Blue Devils program, and Dakich's ensuing criticism, set off the back-and-forth.

The entire situation is very long and drawn out and impossible to explain here, but Awful Announcing did a pretty thorough job of chronicling everything.

Anyway, after all of this, Dakich elected to get rid of his personal Twitter account, at least for the time being.

Dakich is no stranger to controversy as a radio host. He was briefly suspended by Emmis Communications in 2019 and has been criticized for offensive and/or insensitive on-air remarks before.

Considering Dakich's entire Twitter brand is being a jerk and engaging in or starting arguments with others, it is probably a good thing for himself and the general public that he's off the social media network for now.

As an ESPN game analyst, Dakich's breakdowns of X's and O's and other in-game intricacies can actually be pretty enlightening. It just so happens that every other aspect of his personality and broadcasting brand is oft-putting.