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Look: Paige Spiranac's Message For Fans Is Going Viral

Paige Spiranac on social media.

Over the years, Paige Spiranac certainly has shown she has a sense of humor.

On Wednesday, the social media star and former pro golfer shared a message to her fans on Twitter in a video that playfully mocked the "sound issues" some people have said they are having.

"Sorry for the sound issues. I know you guys keep saying you can’t hear me," Spiranac said before mouthing words as if she was speaking with no volume.

When Spiranac zipped up the front of her jacket to cover herself, she magically began speaking out loud again. 

The whole thing was clearly making fun of the people who say they watched Spiranac's videos on mute because they only care about how she looks and not what she has to say.

Spiranac understands her audience, and she doesn't shy away from it. This week in fact, she went on a lengthy rant in support of women athletes who are confident enough to show off their sex appeal.

Volume on or off, Paige isn't going anywhere on social media.