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Look: Skip Bayless' Wife Reveals Her Opinion On LeBron

Fox Sports 1 personality Skip Bayless.

(Photo by Christopher Capozziello/For The Washington Post via Getty Images)

By now, we all know Skip Bayless has been LeBron James' biggest critic. But what does Skip's wife think of the NBA superstar?

Apparently, she thinks LeBron is a "nice guy," according to a conversation she and Skip had on his podcast.

 A listener wrote in with a question asking for Ernestine Bayless' opinion on her husband's favorite punching bag, and was rewarded with what seemed like an honest response.

"I like LeBron, I'm sorry. I'm going to admit it," Ernestine said. "I think that he's done wonderful things for being a role model. I know he curses occasionally but everybody curses occasionally. But he seems to be a nice guy. Even after the game, when they talk to him, he's really calm and really nice. .. He's built schools and done all these wonderful things. I don't have a hatred [for him]."

Keep in mind, Skip has actually praised LeBron on multiple occasions for his social justice stances and off-court philanthropy. He's just unmerciful with his criticism of James' on-court play.

Admittedly, no matter what you think of Skip's schtick, it was pretty funny to hear his wife say she wanted to introduce herself to LeBron in public but declined to do so because she was afraid of how he'd react when he found out who she was.