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Maria Taylor Admits "Clear Mistake" With Her All-NBA Vote

ESPN reporter Maria Taylor.


Earlier this week, the All-NBA teams for the 2019-20 season were announced. It turns out that ESPN's Maria Taylor made an unfortunate mistake on her ballot.

Taylor, who has a prominent role on ESPN's NBA Countdown, forgot to vote for Los Angeles Lakers superstar Anthony Davis for any of the three All-NBA teams. The All-NBA media ballots were made public today.

Obviously that's a notable mistake since Davis had one of the best seasons of his career and ended up making the All-NBA First Team. As a result, Taylor went on Twitter to address her mistake.

"Wow it’s been a long week," Taylor wrote on Twitter. "But if everyone would now like to take away my voter privileges because of a CLEAR mistake. Please feel free."

Although this was an honest mistake by Taylor, FS1 radio host Doug Gottlieb felt the need to criticize her on social media. "Why does Maria Taylor have a vote? Real question," Gottlieb said. "She is a studio host/sideline reporter in her first year covering the NBA. She works a ton, not just on the league. No reason for her to have a vote." Taylor had an emphatic response to this comment from Gottlieb, replying "Because I PLAYED basketball...I COVER the league. And I DESERVE everything I’ve worked hard for." The reality is Taylor made a mistake, no one can argue that. On the other hand, Gottlieb should refrain from questioning her voting privileges. Taylor isn't the only one with a questionable ballot, either.

You can view the full ballots by name here.