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Skip Bayless Just Made An Incredibly Embarrassing Mistake On Television

Skip Bayless talking on Undisputed.

Most of us have probably been fooled by a Twitter parody account at one point or another. You might see a tweet from someone impersonating Adam Schefter or Adrian Wojnarowski and think it is the real deal at first glance, but a second look makes it clear it is a spoof.

Well, Skip Bayless should have taken that extra split second to discern that a "report" from noted Twitter troll account @SportsTalkBarry was not actually from ESPN insider Wojnarowski. Bayless incredibly cited the fake report on the air today on "Undisputed."

Yesterday, amid legitimate reports of discord between Houston Rockets stars James Harden and Chris Paul, SportsTalkBarry tweeted that CP3 mocked Harden's "manboobs" during practices over the last two seasons. He did so while "assuming the identity" of Woj.

Here is Bayless mentioning the "report" during a segment.

For those wondering, here is Barry's original tweet. Yes, seriously that's what it was. He quickly changed his avi back from Wojnarowski's face after sending this out into the internet.

He's not the first major media star to get burned by a fake account, but for those who dislike Bayless, this clip will provide endless ammo.

Considering how detail-oriented Skip is, he's got to be kicking himself for this.

As for Barry, well if you're familiar with his work, this just made his year, maybe even the whole decade.