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Sports Media World Reacts To The Charly Arnolt News

Charly Arnolt on ESPN.

With some incredible work for ESPN and WWE under belt, Charly Arnolt is one of the fastest rising stars in sports media. And she's parlayed her success into a full-time gig.

On Monday, ESPN PR announced that Arnolt will be joining the Worldwide Leader in Sports on a full-time basis this April. She will be a contributor to First Take, SportsCenter, SportsNation and the co-host of First Take Her Take.

“It is so incredibly exciting to become a full-time member of the ESPN family,” Arnolt said in a statement. “I look forward to continuing to grow with such a talented group of professionals and I can’t wait for all the opportunities that lie ahead.”

Arnolt first joined ESPN in 2018, working with most of the aforementioned shows. But she also made her mark on a national level working with WWE for several years as "Charly Caruso," hosting multiple online shows and conducting backstage interviews.

The sports media landscape is collectively happy to see Arnolt continue her rise in the ranks. WWE media figures and fans have been very sad to see her go.

"Charly is awesome and will be missed in the #WWE TV screen," Pro Wrestling writer Scott Fishman wrote. "But really cool to see something she worked toward pay off."

"Queen Charly, WWE didn’t deserve you," one fan wrote. "And now we really know why she wasn’t on WWE TV. Congrats Charly!" wrote another.

Good luck in the new job, Charly!