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Stephen A. Smith's 'Stoner' Impression Went Viral On ESPN Today

Stephen A. Smith impersonates a stoner on First Take.

First Take

When an athlete gets in trouble for marijuana use, you can set your watch to Stephen A. Smith having his usual response on ESPN's First Take. "Stay off the WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED-uh" has become one of his most infamous catchphrases.

Smith's weed rants go viral pretty reliably, and he's clearly leaned into the whole thing more and more over the last few years. Today, he took things to a new level.

On this morning's episode of the debate show, he flipped the script for a moment. In an attempt to show what it would be like if someone in his line of work showed up stoned, he adopted that persona for a bit.

The resulting clip, with smoke effects added by an inspired producer, is something. Max Kellerman and Molly Qerim's reactions are pretty amazing.

First Take can be a tough watch, especially when it descends into a shouting match between Smith and Kellerman, or one of the other regular guests on the show.

As a result, I personally think we could use some more Stoned Stephen A. Smith..Stoner A. Smith?...on the show. It definitely brings some serious levity that First Take rarely has otherwise.

We'll see if the show leans into the attention this has gotten. First Take airs at 10 a.m. ET on ESPN weekday mornings.