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Watch: Here's The Strangest Strikeout You'll Ever See

A minor league pitcher strikes out a hitter.


This is definitely one of the weirdest things to happen in baseball.

What happened today in a minor-league game is truly bizarre. Let's just get straight to the video:

Weird, right?

That's Colorado Rockies prospect Josh Fuentes up at bat for his AA Hartford Yard Goats team, facing Binghamton Rumble Ponies pitcher Cory Burns. With the count 1-2, Burns slips in his delivery but throws the ball anyway, and the pitch rolls all the way to the first base line. Fuentes jokingly swings as the baseball meanders near him, and the home plate ump calls him out by strikeout. Fuentes probably thought he was just having fun, but the ump wasn't about to let it slide. Rules are rules, man.

Hartford subsequently lost the game, 5-4.