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Look: Best Kelly Crump Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Photos

SI Swimsuit Search Finalist Kelly Crump is making her debut in 2022.

From North Carolina to London, 42-year-old Kelly Crump has exhibited strength throughout her life. Most recently, as a Stage 4 breast cancer survivor.

Crump made her SI Swimsuit debut this year as a body positive Swim Search finalist, hoping to turn survivors in thrivers.

Telling SI what it would mean to her to win, this is what Crump had to say:

I could show others who are dealing with/living with cancer that you can still go after your dreams, and you can work on getting YOU back after treatment(s). It would help others to not feel ashamed of their scars and reconstructions, that you can still be sexy if you want. … Honestly, I could go on and on with a million reasons, but at the end of the day it means I could help someone. I could give hope. I could inspire and in turn my pain could turn into a purpose in which I can help others.

Kelly shared a few sneak peeks via her Instagram:

But the rest of her 2022 photoshoot in the Dominican Republic can be viewed here.

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