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The 5 Most-Likely Suspects Of The NFL's Twitter Account Hacking

The NFL's Twitter account was hacked today. 

The league's official account, @NFL, tweeted out this afternoon that the commissioner of the league, Roger Goodell, had died at the age of 57. 

Here's the tweet. 

The tweet was deleted minutes after it was tweeted and it was confirmed that Goodell was alive and well.

The hacking didn't end there, though. 

Shortly after the Goodell tweet was deleted, these two were sent out. 

Tweets by the hacker continued to be sent out but were deleted immediately.

The NFL said it's looking into the hacking, but at the time of this post, hacked tweets continued to be sent out. 

So, who hacked the NFL's account? 

Here are the five most-likely suspects. 

Start With No. 5 ??? >>>

5. A Disgruntled Employee

How many people do you think have access to the NFL's Twitter account password?

Probably not too many. 

There are, though, likely at least a couple of people who help run the league's account. 

Maybe some was having a rough time or had a bad interaction with the league's commissioner. 

So, he sent out some hacked tweets. It wasn't an intern, though. 

This is an improbable situation, but it's possible. 

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4. Tom Brady

OK, probably not the New England Patriots' quarterback himself, but maybe someone on his team. 

Brady can't have a fond opinion of the league or the commissioner after Deflategate. He's currently suspended for the first four games of the season, after all. 

He is the prime suspect according to some Twitter memes. 

">June 7, 2016

Patriots fans would certainly applaud the move.Next: No. 3 ??? >>>3. Ernie AdamsAdams, 63, is the "football research director" for the New England Patriots. In actuality, he's Bill Belichick's right-hand man who does a bit of everything for the NFL's premier franchise (at the moment). When the Steelers' headsets went out during a game at Foxboro last season, many on Twitter (joked?) that Adams was the one responsible. He's now a suspect for the hacking, according to Twitter. 

">June 7, 2016

">June 7, 2016

Like with Brady, Pats fans would like the move. Adams would probably get a raise.

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2. The NFL

The NFL loves to dominate the news cycle. 

At the moment, with the NBA Finals going on, it's kind of in the shadows of sports discussion. 

Now it's not. 

Maybe it was an inside job. 

The conspiracy theories are surely already starting. 

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1. An Actual Hacker

So this is almost definitely what happened. 

The NFL's Twitter account wasn't the only account to get hacked. Some other celebrities had their accounts hacked as well. 

Unfortunately for you conspiracy theorists, this means that the person who did the hacking was likely a professional hacker with some serious skills. 

You never know, though.