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The Chargers Are 'Disappointed' With First-Round Pick Joey Bosa Holding Out

Joey Bosa is holding out and the Chargers' front office is "disappointed." 

The former Ohio State defensive end, taken No. 3 overall by San Diego in the 2016 NFL Draft, is not reporting to the team's mandatory minicamp amid a contract stalemate. Bosa and, mainly, his agent, disagree with a couple of "key ingredients." Mostly, Bosa wants the Chargers to pay him all of his four-year guaranteed contract even if the franchise releases him during that time (which is very unlikely). 

San Diego's general manager, Tom Telesco, commented on Bosa's holdout. 

From the San Diego Union-Tribune:

"We're disappointed he's not here," Telesco said. "This is a big part of the learning process for all players, not just rookies. But there's a business part to this (game), too, and we understand that. It's part of being a professional athlete. I'll say: the time he's been here, I've been really impressed with not only his ability but his work ethic. That's been great.

"That all being said, we've got to treat all of our players the same. That's the big thing. We can't do one thing different for one guy and the same for 89 others. These things tend to work out. It's June. We'll just keep going."

Bosa's head coach, Mike McCoy, is also "disappointed."

From the AP:

"Without a doubt we're all disappointed he's not here. But our No. 1 focus is the players who are here. Time will work that out," McCoy said.

"I think it's important that you get as much work with your teammates," McCoy said. "We're still installing a few things. The majority of the install went in the first 10 days of the OTAs but there's review we're going through and a couple wrinkles we're adding. I've asked offensively and defensively to put in a few little things the other side hasn't seen. It's continuous development and what we want to do in our system, most importantly."

Bosa is the only player taken in the top 19 of the draft who has yet to sign.

The Chargers minicamp, which opened on Tuesday, runs through Thursday.