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The 64 Most Annoying People In Sports Media: 2019 Edition

The 64 Most Annoying People In Sports Media: 2019 Edition

Last March, Jemele Hill, still with ESPN at the time, beat out 63 other competitors to be crowned the most annoying person in sports media - at least by our readers. Jemele isn't really part of the traditional sports media world anymore (she now works at The Atlantic), but our bracket lives on. Someone else will be our new champion in just a few weeks.

This year, Stephen A. Smith, who won this competition the first time around, is the overall No. 1 seed. He's joined on the top line by Skip Bayless, Colin Cowherd and Jim Rome.

Britt McHenry, another 1-seed from a year ago, is now mostly out of the sports world too (she's a contributor on FOX.) She's been removed from the field, much to Jen Royle's disappointment.

Without further ado, let's take a look at this year's bracket for the 64 Most Annoying People In Sports Media.

This is the 2019 edition:

The 64 Most Annoying People In Sports Media

Here are the initial 32 matchups. You can vote below:

1. Stephen A. Smith vs. 16. Reggie Miller

Stephen A. Smith vs. Reggie Miller.

Reggie Miller scored 8 points in 9 seconds. Stephen A. got 8 things wrong on television in 9 seconds.

Stephen A. Smith vs. Reggie Miller vote.

8. Doug Gottlieb vs. 9. Seth Davis

Doug Gottlieb vs. Seth Davis.

Two college basketball analysts who act like they know everything.

Doug Gottlieb vs. Seth Davis vote.

5. Kirk Herbstreit vs. 12. Sam Ponder

Kirk Herbstreit vs. Sam Ponder.

Two former College GameDay co-workers square off. Each has at least one fan base of some kind against them.

Sam Ponder vs. Kirk Herbstreit vote.

4. Bill Walton vs. 13. Gus Johnson

Bill Walton vs. Gus Johnson.

Someone seemingly always on a high vs. someone who might actually always be high. You can figure out which is which.

Bill Walton vs. Gus Johnson vote.

6. Danny Kanell vs. 11. Tim Tebow

Danny Kanell vs. Tim Tebow.

An SEC hater vs. an SEC advocate.

Danny Kanell vs. Tim Tebow vote.

3. Paul Finebaum vs. 14. Katie Nolan

Paul Finebaum vs. Katie Nolan.

Another SEC homer (or an Alabama homer, depending upon who you ask). Nolan's an obsessive Boston sports fan, and that's enough for her to be on here.

Paul Finebaum vs. Katie Nolan vote.

7. Mike Golic vs. 10. Trey Wingo

Mike Golic vs. Trey Wingo.

Golic's new co-host has already found a few ways to endear himself to his listeners. Golic himself is a mainstay in this bracket.

Mike Golic vs. Trey Wingo vote.

2. Dick Vitale vs. 15. The Spun

Dick Vitale vs. The Spun.

Vitale has been criticized lately for blasting LSU's Will Wade while taking it easy on Rick Pitino. We put ourselves on here so you remember who made this thing in the first place.

Dick Vitale vs. The Spun vote.

1. Jim Rome vs. 16. Nick Wright

Jim Rome vs. Nick Wright.

It's unclear who still listens to Jim Rome, but he does well in this thing every year. Nick Wright is new to the scene but hot-taking his way to the top.

Nick Wright vs. Jime Rome vote.

8. Mel Kiper Jr. vs. 9 Michael Wilbon

Mel Kiper Jr. vs. Michael Wilbon.

Kiper crushed Todd McShay last year. Wilbon crushed Tony Kornheiser last year. Only one can move on this time around.

Mel Kiper vs. Michael Wilbon vote.

5. Erin Andrews vs. 12 Todd McShay

Erin Andrews vs. Todd McShay.

FOX's top sideline reporter vs. ESPN's second most-notable NFL Draft analyst.

Todd McShay vs. Erin Andrews vote.

4. Dave Portnoy vs. 13. Deadspin

Dave Portnoy vs. Deadspin.

Perhaps the only matchup in this bracket that involves people who legitimately hate each other.

Deadspin vs. Dave Portnoy vote.

6. Gary Danielson vs. 11. Cris Collinsworth

Gary Danielson vs. Cris Collinsworth

SEC football fans complain about Danielson's analysis every week. Ditto on Collinsworth when it comes to NFL fans.

Cris Collinsworth vs. Gary Danielson vote.

3. Will Cain vs. 14. Charles Barkley

Will Cain vs. Charles Barkley.

ESPN's most notable conservative voice vs. Sir Charles, who appears to have done another 50 Capital One commercials this year for March Madness. We'd love to watch these two actually get into it.

Will Cain vs. Charles Barkley vote.

7. Darren Rovell vs. 10. Woody Paige

Darren Rovell vs. Woody Paige.

Rovell, who was once a 1-seed in this tournament, has moved on from ESPN to the Action Network, but his tweets still read like they've been written by a robot who is only concerned with the monetary impact of any given event. Woody Paige is somehow still on Around The Horn, chalkboard and all.

Darren Rovell vs. Woody Paige vote.

2. Clay Travis vs. 15. Peter Schrager

Clay Travis vs. Peter Schraeger.

Clay Travis is on television now (Lock It In on FS1), which is lovely. Peter Schrager is part of the NFL Network's morning show, and he's starting to rub some people the wrong way.

Clay Travis vs. Peter Schrager vote.

1. Skip Bayless vs. 16. Michael Strahan

Skip Bayless vs. Michael Strahan.

Skip's move to FS1 hasn't slowed down the amount of hate people have for him. Strahan is basically on every television channel there is now.

Skip Bayless vs. Michael Strahan vote.

8. Stugotz vs. 9. Sarah Spain

Stugotz vs. Sarah Spain.

The Stugotz Army vs. The Commish. This one will be tight.

Sarah Spain vs. Stugotz vote.

5. Mike Francesa vs. 12. Mike Greenberg

Mike Francesa vs. Mike Greenberg.

The Mike who couldn't give up the mic vs. the Mike who ditched the other Mike.

Mike Francesa vs. Mike Greenberg vote.

4. Keith Olbermann vs. 13. Tony Kornheiser