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The 64 Most Annoying People In Sports Media 2019: Round Of 32

This year's 64 Most Annoying People In Sports Media started off with a bang, as we saw nearly 300,000 votes in the first round. While most of the top seeds moved on, one 1-seed actually fell to a 16-seed. Let's take a look at the second round.

Jim Rome, who has performed incredibly in this bracket in the past, somehow lost to 16-seed Nick Wright. Clearly, we under-seeded the FOX Sports 1 personality. We got hundreds of tweets on the subject.

The other three 1-seeds - Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless and Colin Cowherd - all cruised to victory. Smith remains the overall favorite to cut down the nets again. Here's an updated look at the bracket, with victories listed by percentage. Here are the 16 matchups for the second round. You can vote on each below:

The 64 Most Annoying People In Sports Media Round 2.

1. Stephen A. Smith vs. 8. Doug Gottlieb

Gottlieb is often insufferable, but he's got a tough matchup here. Stephen A. is almost a lock for the Final Four.

Stephen A. Smith vs. Doug Gottlieb.

4. Bill Walton vs. 12. Sam Ponder

Gus Johnson vs. Sam Ponder.

Ponder scored an upset over Kirk Herbstreit in the first round, but can she pull off the impossible?

3. Paul Finebaum vs. 6. Danny Kanell

Watching these two argue about the SEC would make your head explode.

Paul Finebaum vs. Danny Kanell.

2. Dick Vitale vs. 7. Mike Golic

Dick Vitale vs. Mike Golic.

LSU fans might be enough to push Dickie V. through this week.

8. Mel Kiper Jr. vs. 16. Nick Wright

Nick Wright scored a massive 16-over-1 upset in the first round. He looks primed for a big run.

Mel Kiper Jr. vs. Nick Wright.

12. Todd McShay vs. 13. Deadspin

Todd McShay vs. Deadspin.

Deadspin was voted slightly more annoying than Dave Portnoy, which we think will make him happy. McShay also scored an upset win.

3. Will Cain vs. 11. Cris Collinsworth

Now here's a guy who just might give Will Cain a run for his money.

Will Cain vs. Cris Collinsworth.

2. Clay Travis vs. 7. Darren Rovell

Clay Travis vs. Darren Rovell.

These two have been itching to face each other for a few years now. Well, the time has come.

1. Skip Bayless vs. 9. Sarah Spain

Skip had the largest margin of victory in the first round. Spain is a massive underdog.

Skip Bayless vs. Sarah Spain.

4. Keith Olbermann vs. 5. Mike Francesa

Keith Olbermann vs. Mike Francesa.

Two old guys who probably should have retired a long time ago.

3. Dan Le Batard vs. 6. Bomani Jones

If you don't get the show, you won't be voting for Bo.

Dan Le Batard vs. Bomani Jones.


2. Max Kellerman vs. 7. Jay Williams

Max Kellerman vs. Jay Williams.

Max is doing his best to become as annoying as Skip was on First Take. Jay Williams has little chance here.

1. Colin Cowherd vs. 9. Joe Buck

This one will be close. The Buck haters were out in full force in the first round.

Colin Cowherd vs. Joe Buck.

4. Bill Simmons vs. 12. Urban Meyer

Bill Simmons vs. Urban Meyer.

Meyer has been in sports media for all of a few weeks and he's already won a first round matchup. The competition gets stiffer from here, though.

3. Dan Dakich vs. 11. Chris Broussard

Broussard barely got past Michelle Beadle in the first round. Dakich might have been under-seeded, so Broussard's run could end here.

Dan Dakich vs. Chris Broussard.

2. Jason Whitlock vs. 10. Mike Florio

Jason Whitlock vs. Mike Florio.

Florio, his first year in the bracket, is still alive. For now.

You can see the results of the first round here.