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The 64 Most Annoying People In Sports Media 2019: Sweet 16

After another round of voting in our 64 Most Annoying People In Sports Media bracket, three of our four 1-seeds remain. Nick Wright, our 16-seed Cinderella who took down Jim Rome, also remains in the hunt.

Danny Kanell, as he predicted below, was ousted by college football foe Paul Finebaum. Deadspin, which, yes, we realize is an entity and not a person, is also surprisingly alive.

The matchups are incredibly strong from here on out. Here's a look at the updated bracket. You can vote on each of the eight matchups below:

The Sweet 16 of our 64 Most Annoying People In Sports Media bracket

1. Stephen A. Smith vs. 4. Bill Walton

Two ESPNers who made the Final Four a year ago. Even turkey vultures apparently hate Stephen A. Smith.

Stephen A. Smith vs. Bill Walton.

2. Dick Vitale vs. 3. Paul Finebaum

Dick Vitale vs. Paul Finebaum.


1. Skip Bayless vs. 4. Keith Olbermann

You'd think Skip is a lock here, but Olbermann has made some news this week that suggests he has a chance.

Skip Bayless vs. Keith Olbermann.

2. Max Kellerman vs. 3. Dan Le Batard

Max Kellerman vs. Dan Le Batard.

Kellerman somehow replaced Skip Bayless on First Take and the show didn't miss a beat in terms of how rough it is to sit through. Everyone has an opinion on Le Batard - and it's a mixed bag.

13. Deadspin vs. 16. Nick Wright

Not a matchup we predicted we'd ever have to write about. One of them has to move on.

Nick Wright vs. Deadspin.

2. Clay Travis vs. 3. Will Cain

Clay Travis vs. Will Cain.

Perhaps the toughest one to pick in this round. This could be the championship of the entire bracket if we set it up differently.

1. Colin Cowherd vs. 12. Urban Meyer

Meyer's show doesn't debut until August, but he's still somehow in the Sweet 16. Cowherd is stiff competition though.

Colin Cowherd vs. Urban Meyer.

2. Jason Whitlock vs. 3. Dan Dakich

Jason Whitlock vs. Dan Dakich.

Two legit contenders to win the whole thing. Good luck.

You can view the results of the first round here and the second round here.