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A LLWS Manager Has Been Suspended For The Tournament

Little League World Series

A manager in the Little League World Series has been suspended for the duration of the tournament. Australia will play its tournament without Klae Calvert after he ran afoul of LLWS rules.

Calvert, who has a son on the team, was in attendance watch Australia's game against Mexico, which is currently airing on ESPN. As a parent of a player, he's allowed to be in attendance.

So why Calvert suspended? According to ESPN, Calvert was suspended by Little League Baseball in June for playing a game in which one of his 13 players did not have an at-bat.

That player was his son.

Calvert detailed the incident in an interview with ESPN:

"I knew exactly what the stakes were there," Calvert said. "And I didn't think for a second about doing anything but doing what was right. I could have said that Thomas had sprained an ankle or I could have hit Thomas for Matt and hit him out of order and gotten a suspension of a couple games instead of for the entire tournament. But I played it the way Little League would have wanted me to play it."

Calvert and the team self-reported the violation to Little League Baseball and received a suspension for the remainder of the tournament.

It's a tough break for the Australian side, but the Aussies haven't let the adversity stop them. The team made it to the opening round of the Little League World Series and currently holds a 2-1 advantage against Mexico.