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Video: "Slippery Stairs" Competition Goes Viral On ESPN

ESPN's Slippery Stairs competition on The Ocho.

ESPN's main channel turned into "The Ocho" for a day on Saturday.

With no live sports to watch, the Worldwide Leader ran replays of bizarre old sporting events like "cherry pit spitting" and "high dive belly-flopping."

The most-loved odd competition, though, was probably the "Slippery Stairs."

ESPN ran video of the "first ever Slippery Stairs world championship" on Saturday night. Social media was eating it up.

"Slippery Stairs" is a pretty straightforward event. A two to three story staircase is covered in slime. Men and women in body suits try to make it up the staircase without falling down. Chaos typically ensues.

Everyone is wearing helmets, so it's safe, but the falls are pretty hilarious to watch. ESPN posted the full competition video on YouTube.


Good luck topping this in future years, "The Ocho."