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Aaron Rodgers Reveals Why He Saluted The Bears Crowd

Aaron Rodgers postgame salute.

Aaron Rodgers has tortured Chicago Bears fans for decades. 

During Sunday's Week 13 matchup at Soldier Field, the Green Bay quarterback did more of the same — taking down the Bears with a 28-19 final score.

After a late-game touchdown to seal the game, Rodgers saluted the Soldier Field fans.

While many viewed this gesture as a taunt toward the rival fans, Rodgers claims it was a sign of respect.

"Aaron Rodgers asked about his salute to the Soldier Field crowd. Says you never know when it’ll be your last time playing somewhere. Saw a lot of middle fingers today. Adds he knows Bears fans don’t like him, but he respects the fans in Chicago," team insider Matt Scheidman reports.

Last year's matchup against the Bears featured a far less friendly celebration from Rodgers. The veteran quarterback yelled "I still own you" at the Chicago fans behind the end zone.

These recent statements from Rodgers further support the idea that he may have one foot out the door in Green Bay — hinting at his final game in Soldier Field.