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There's 1 NFL Head Coach Most-Likely To Be Fired

MetLife Stadium on Sunday, Sept. 20. before a San Francisco 49ers vs. New York Jets game.

EAST RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY - SEPTEMBER 20: The San Francisco 49ers and the New York Jets play in front of an empty stadium during the first half at MetLife Stadium on September 20, 2020 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

What NFL head coach is most-likely to be fired first?

According to the latest betting odds, it's an AFC East head coach. New York Jets head coach Adam Gase has the top odds right now.

Gase and the Jets are off to a dismal start this season. The Jets are 0-2, having lost to the Buffalo Bills and San Francisco 49ers.

The New York head coach now has the top odds to be fired first. He's followed by Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn and Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia.

While Gase might have the top firing odds, though, Jets owner Christopher Johnson has expressed confidence in him.

"I have full confidence in Adam," the New York Jets owner told reporters earlier this month, per Connor Hughes of The Athletic. "With the expectation of right now, this is the first practice I'm missing since end of July. I've seen him interact with this team. I've seen him lead this team. I've seen him...look back to last year: He took a team that did so poorly the first half of the season and held them together. They finished well. I think he has a lot more in him as a head coach than some of our fans are giving him credit for. And I understand. They want to see success. I think they will."

Of course, that could change in an instant, especially if the Jets keep losing.

New York is set to face the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday afternoon. Kickoff is set for 4:05 p.m. E.T.