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Alex Smith Has Advice For Carson Wentz: NFL World Reacts

Alex Smith #11 of the Washington Football Team looks on

DETROIT, MICHIGAN - NOVEMBER 15: Alex Smith #11 of the Washington Football Team looks on during their game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on November 15, 2020 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)

Alex Smith is getting pretty worried about Carson Wentz and his new situation in D.C.

The Washington Commanders acquired Wentz in a trade with the Indianapolis Colts earlier this offseason. He'll be the team's starting quarterback this upcoming season.

Smith knows Washington's organization well. Let's just say a bit too well.

During an interview with Rich Eisen on Wednesday, Smith cautioned Wentz to ignore the distractions in Washington. As he pointed out, there's "a lot" of them.

"I think you gotta try to eliminate the noise there. There's a lot of noise," Smith told Eisen. "There's a lot of distractions in that entire organization, everything surrounding it. Obviously deservedly. It's been flawed the last 20 years.

"There's a lot of stuff going on there. A lot of distractions. It makes it difficult to kind of focus in on the football."

NFL fans aren't at all surprised by Alex Smith's comments.

"The amount of people hurt over Alex Smith telling the truth is alarming," one fan tweeted.

"Not sure why Washington fans are surprised or upset by this," a fan wrote. This is our harsh reality. Doesn’t mean they (Ron and company) are not changing or trying to change things. It takes more than a couple years to undo 20+ years of dysfunction. This shouldn’t be a surprise."

"Nobody should be surprised by these comments," a fan said.

Good luck, Carson Wentz. It sounds like you're going to have your hands full in Washington.