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Doug Gottlieb's Dumb Tweet About Andrew Luck's Retirement Is Going Viral

Doug Gottlieb speaks during his show.

Andrew Luck shocked the NFL world on Saturday night after reports surfaced that he plans to retire from football at the age of 29. Not everyone seems impressed with his decision, however.

Doug Gottlieb of FOX Sports took to Twitter after hearing the news to criticize Luck. He mocked the former Indianapolis Colts quarterback, suggesting he retired because "rehabbing is too hard."

Luck's decision was in part because he's had to deal with so many injuries. In fact, here's a list:

Needless to say, Gottlieb's tweet is not going over well. He's getting ratioed.

Gottlieb played college basketball, so he certainly knows what it's like to compete at a high level in a big-time sport. But he's never played in the NFL, and he's never had to deal with the list of injuries that Luck has suffered.

Gottlieb has dropped some controversial takes in the past, but this one might take the cake. Most of his colleagues in sports media disagree with him.

As for Luck, he reportedly was mentally "worn down" and no longer wants to play football. He'll be giving up $58 million to hang it up.