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The Angry Eagles Fan Who Went Viral On Sunday Has Been Identified

Angry Philadelphia Eagles fan on FOX.

An angry Philadelphia Eagles fan went viral in the stands during his team's loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday afternoon.

The fan, screaming at the refs for an apparent bad call, was shown for about seven seconds on FOX's broadcast of the game.

He quickly went viral on Twitter.

There are hundreds - thousands, probably - of Eagles fans like this at games on Sunday afternoon. This one stood out, though, and he's since been identified. Meet Eric Furda, who has reportedly been University of Pennsylvania’s dean of admissions since 2008.

Furda is reportedly an extremely nice and well-accomplished man who also loves to go crazy in the stands at NFL games. He's reportedly been spotted at major Philadelphia sporting events before. And, hey, there's nothing wrong with that.

"After further review of the play I will take the 15 yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct But I will not lose my passion for Philadelphia and Penn sports! Thanks for all the interview requests but we have a game on Thursday to get ready for which I will watch at home!" he tweeted on Monday morning.

"Bottom line is that calls were missed that were basic and also in place for player safety! Not sure what the refs were looking at today!" he added.

It doesn't look like we'll see him in the stands on Thursday night - the Eagles play at the Packers - though maybe we'll see him the following Sunday.

Philadelphia is set to host the New York Jets in Week 5.