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There's Believed To Be 1 'Early Leader' For Arch Manning

Peyton Manning and his nephew, Arch Manning.


While Arch Manning is likely a ways away from making a college football commitment, there continues to be growing speculation about where the five-star quarterback will end up.

The nephew of Peyton and Eli Manning has been taking some notable college visits this summer. So far, he's reportedly been to Clemson, SMU, Texas, LSU and Alabama.

What schools might be in the lead for the No. 1 quarterback recruit in the 2023 class?

According to an expert from, Dabo Swinney's program is believed to be the early leader for the five-star prospect.

“If I had to take a shot right now and say where Arch Manning ends up I would pick Clemson first, Alabama second and then Texas third,” Adam Gorney writes, via “But that could definitely change over the course of the next two recruiting cycles and there’s no question the Longhorns rolled out the red carpet for Manning this past weekend and his trip and workout went well. The Mannings obviously know what they’re doing, though, and the Longhorns will need to show they can become a national power again before I see the 2023 five-star playing for them.”

Arch Manning seemed to really enjoy his visit at Clemson earlier this summer.

“They made that early connection,” Isidore Newman head coach Nelson Stewart said of Clemson. “Brandon Streeter was one of the first coaches I remember talking to. Their approach has been authentic. They’ve taken the time, especially Coach Streeter in getting to know him, not barraging him, checking in. I know one of his favorite Zooms was with the entire offensive staff one morning about a month or so ago. He really enjoyed it. He even left his notes, he borrowed one of my notebooks and what he writes down is staggering what he sees.”

“(Arch) really has an interest (in Clemson). Their culture is awesome. Him and Cooper had a really good FaceTime with Dabo (Swinney) one night. They’ve taken a good, patient approach.”

There is still a long way to go in Arch Manning's recruitment, though. The Mannings have been through this before and will be very patient throughout the process.

Clemson has to be in a very good position, though.