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Barry Alvarez Reacts To The Big Ten Adding USC, UCLA

former wisconsin coach barry alvarez looks onto the field

TAMPA, FL - JANUARY 1: Acting head coach Barry Alvarez of the Wisconsin Badgers looks on from the bench before the start of the Outback Bowl against the Auburn Tigers on January 1, 2015 during at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images)

In his near 50 years of football, Wisconsin legend Barry Alvarez has seen the Big Ten make some seismic changes. So what does he think about the recent addition of West Coast titans UCLA and USC?

Appearing on SiriusXM, Alvarez praised the Big Ten and Commissioner Kevin Warren for making the move to bring the two Pac-12 giants into the fold. He believes that it's a good move for both the conference and the future of the sport.

“We’re progressing in the NCAA, you know college athletics is progressive,”Alvarez said. “And I give our commissioner a lot of credit for moving ahead and making that decision and moving forward with that. I think it’s really good for our league and for the future of our league.”

Alvarez has some experience against UCLA in particular. He won two of his three Rose Bowl titles against the Bruins in the 1990s.

It's hard to understate how big of a move USC and UCLA joining the Big Ten really is. The conference already has a huge market share in the Northeast and Midwest of the United States.

Now that they're adding USC and UCLA, the coveted Los Angeles media market - and perhaps the greater California market - will soon be under their sway as well. 

That means a lot more money for the Big Ten - and for Barry Alvarez's beloved Badgers, a lot more future revenue for the athletic program.

Will Wisconsin begin an annual rivalry with UCLA or USC once the two Pac-12 schools join the conference?