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Baseball Signed By Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Has Sold

A very rare baseball signed by Ukrainian president Volodymr Zelensky just sold at auction Thursday for a reported $50,000, per RR auction.

$15,000 of which will benefit the country's relief fund as it continues to fight back against Russian forces.

The baseball is signed in two different languages, Ukrainian and English. With the president's signature scribbled underneath the MLB logo.

According to documents, the ball was signed by Zalensky back in 2019 during a September visit to New York. 

A letter lending the item's authenticity is signed by Volodymyr Yekchenko, Ukraine's ambassador to the United Nations.

The ball was reportedly a gift to Randy L. Kaplan, a government affairs specialist based in NYC. Kaplan has been collecting signed Major League baseballs from world leaders and government officials for the better part of two decades.

Per TMZ, 35 bids were put in for the ball. But the winner chose to be anonymous. 

The winning bid is reported to be $50, 103.