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The 6 Best Wonderlic Scores In NFL History

Greg McElroy while on TV for the SEC Network.

Monday, Wonderlic scores leaked for this year's NFL Draft participants, and predictably, most of the discussion centered around the lowest scores on the board. Let's go ahead and take a look at the players who performed best on the test in NFL history.

As far as we know, only one player in history has ever put together a perfect score on the test. Punter Pat McInally, who went to Harvard, scored a 50. He played for the Cincinnati Bengals from 1976-1985.

Mike Mamula, a defensive end from Boston College, scored the second-best score ever with a 49. He played for the Philadelphia Eagles from 1995-2000.

There are four players who scored a 48/50 on the test as well. Ryan Fitzpatrick, who plays for the Miami Dolphins and attended Harvard, is one. There's also Greg McElroy, who played for Alabama and is now employed by ESPN as an analyst. The other two are former wide receiver Kevin Curtis and former tight end Benjamin Watson.

The top score for this year's players was NC State quarterback Ryan Finley at 43/50. It was supposedly a retest.

Of course, the Wonderlic is no future predictor of success in the NFL. There are plenty of players who scored poorly and went on to have tremendous careers.