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Big 12 Officials Coordinator Has Message For Oklahoma About 'Horns Down'

Oklahoma football player does "Horns Down" gesture to troll Texas football.

DALLAS - OCTOBER 11: Running back Mossis Madu #17 of the Oklahoma Sooners gives a downward "hook em horns" sign while walking to the field alongside the Texas Longhorns band at the Cotton Bowl on October 11, 2008 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

For those who hate the Texas Longhorns - and there are a lot - "Horns Down" is a popular way to show ones disapproval with the team.

Unfortunately for the players on the field, that gesture has been ruled as an illegal act during a game. That's right, it a player throws a "Horns Down" gesture on the field, they can receive a penalty.

Fans have complained about the ruling for years, so much so that the Big 12 officials coordinator has responded. Greg Burks had a message for the entire state of Oklahoma.

"Please, the state of Oklahoma: I make no offense. You don't have to send me e-mails ... It's not about Horns Up or Horns Down. It's about the manner that you do anything on the field toward an opponents," he said via reporter Eric Bailey.

Perhaps when Texas and Oklahoma eventually move to the SEC, the "Horns Down" gesture will be allowed.

But that likely won't happen until 2024 at the earliest.