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Big Ten Presidents' Vote On USC, UCLA Move Revealed

UCLA Bruins cheerleaders entertain the crowd during the game against the Hawaii Warriors at the Rose Bowl.

Ever since news broke that USC and UCLA are on the verge of moving to the Big Ten, things have been moving very quickly.

According to Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated, the 14 presidents of the Big Ten schools met last night for an informal vote on admitting the two schools. Per the report, "it wasn't close" and they agreed to let them in.

Dellenger reported that a formal vote will soon follow. It may come in the next few days - or as early as today.

From a competitive standpoint, the move will be the Big Ten's equivalent of adding Oklahoma and Texas like the SEC did. Financially, the move comes as the Big Ten works to negotiate a new media rights deal.

The effect that this move will have on the college athletics landscape can hardly be understated. The Big Ten Conference would basically have the entire Los Angeles college sports market all to themselves for generations to come. 

As for the Pac-12, things are probably looking pretty bleak. Losing those two programs has the potential to massively decrease their overall viewership and shared revenue in all sports.

The Pac-12 might have to do what the Big 12 is doing and extend expansion invitations just to keep up with the rest of the Power Five conferences. 

How quickly will USC and UCLA join the Big Ten?