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Bill Russell Flipped Off Charles Barkley On TV During NBA Awards

Bill Russell smiles on camera.

Tonight's NBA Awards featured some cameos from former players in the crowd. Bill Russell probably had the most memorable moment.

Russell is best known for not being able to fit all of his championship rings on his 10 fingers. He won 11 as a player.

But it was another type of finger from Russell that stole the show tonight.

When Charles Barkley, who was presenting an award to Oscar Robertson alongside Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, thanked Russell for all he had done for him, Big Russ returned the favor with a single-finger salute.

Yes, he flipped Barkley off (playfully) on television. If you don't believe it, watch below.

Russell clearly has never been shy about expressing himself, and he had some fun tonight. How many NBA players, past or current, could get away with that? Not many, but Russell is definitely one of them.

The 2018 NBA Awards continue on TNT.