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Blockbuster Cowboys-Steelers Trade Has Been Suggested

Cowboys left tackle Tyron Smith has been the anchor to Dallas' offensive line for more than a decade now in what's sure to be a Hall of Fame career.

However, with mounting injuries and age becoming more of a factor, one football writer believes the team should send a Smith-centered package to the Steelers ahead of training camp.

Per Bleacher Report's Alex Kay:

While Smith is still undeniably productive on the field—he made his eighth Pro Bowl last year despite appearing in just 11 games—his spotty availability, rising costs and readily available replacement could render him expendable. ... The 31-year-old has missed 20 games over the past two campaigns and hasn't played a full season since 2016.

Kay went on to say that Dallas already has Smith's replacement in-line. And moving towards rookie Tyler Smith sooner, rather than later, could be a pill the franchise has to swallow.

Adding that Pittsburgh would be a logical destination.

By drafting Tyler Smith, the No. 24 pick this year, Dallas has its heir-apparent at left tackle in place. ... The Cowboys could speed up the transition by moving on from the incumbent starter before training camp even begins. ... Getting back a third-rounder for Smith would be a win for the Cowboys, and a team like the Pittsburgh Steelers should be happy to oblige. ... 

Upgrading from [Dan Moore Jr.] to Smith would be a major boon for the Steelers as they prepare for life in the post-Ben Roethlisberger era. Even if he's not available for all 17 games, Smith's presence would allow Moore to further develop as a backup before returning as the full-time starter in a couple years.

The Cowboys are usually a team that likes to hold onto their homegrown talent as long as possible. But with Tyron Smith already dealing with lingering back issues in OTAs, it could be worth pursuing a trade.