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Bob Stoops Speaks Out On Cale Gundy: OU Fans React

Bob Stoops walking by his players as they stretch.

Sooner head coach Bob Stoops encourages the team as they stretch out prior to action between the Washington Huskies and Oklahoma Sooners at Owen Field in Norman, Oklahoma on September 9, 2006. Oklahoma won 37-20. (Photo by G. N. Lowrance/Getty Images)

For the entirety of Bob Stoops' tenure at Oklahoma, Cale Gundy was on the sidelines with him as one of his top assistants. So you can imagine that the recent controversy that led to Gundy's abrupt resignation caught Stoops off guard.

Taking to Twitter, the former Oklahoma head coach lamented reading Gundy's resignation message. He called Gundy "a man of character and a person that loves and cares for his players" and thanked him for his hard work at Oklahoma.

"It’s with great sadness that I’m reading this. I’ve worked along side Cale for 23 years and know him to be a man of character and a person that loves and cares for his players as well as OU. Thank you Cale for all the hard work you poured into our program, it will be remembered!" Stoops wrote.

Gundy resigned last night after what he described as uttering a wildly inappropriate word that he read off a player's tablet during film session. The 50-year-old coach now leaves Oklahoma - his alma mater - after over 20 years as an assistant.

Oklahoma fans on Twitter are lamenting Gundy's departure and empathize with Stoops. They didn't believe Gundy was capable of doing what he did either, it appears:

It's a tough situation to be sure, and one that could disqualify Cale Gundy as a candidate for jobs at other top institutions.

But given his track record of developing elite running backs and receivers at Oklahoma, some team out there is bound to give him an opportunity if and when he's ready to return to college football.

Have we seen the last of Cale Gundy on a football sideline?