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Body Found Wednesday Following Heartbreaking Mountain Accident

A photo of Mountain Himal Chuli along with Manaslu from 2016.

Mountain Himal Chuli along with Manaslu seen from Chobhar, Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal on Saturday, November 05, 2016. Since from past week due to the clear weather the Mountains Himal Chuli, Manaslu, Ganesh, Langtang, Dorje Lakpa to Mount Everest etc. seen from Kathmandu Valley. (Photo by Narayan Maharjan/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

On Wednesday, the body of U.S. ski mountaineer Hilaree Nelson was found after she passed away during an expedition in Nepal. She was 49 years old. 

Nelson's body was taken to a forensic laboratory in Kathmandu. She reportedly disappeared below the summit of Nepal’s ​Mount Manaslu. 

Nelson's partner, Jim Morrison, said she "started a small avalanche" as they were trying to rejoin their sherpa team. 

Morrison tried everything in his power to locate Nelson, but he was unable to. 

Morrison posted a heartfelt message regarding this tragedy on Instagram.

"My loss is indescribable and I am focused on her children and their steps forward. @hilareenelson is the most inspiring person in life and now her energy will guide our collective souls," he wrote. "Peace be with us all. Pray for her family and community which is broadly stretched across our planet. I’m devastated by the loss of her.

Nelson was one of the most influential ski mountaineers of all time. In 2012, she became the first woman to summit two 8,000-meter peaks in one 24-hour push.  

Our thoughts are with Nelson's family and friends during this time.