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Bomani Jones Announces New Show Date: Sports Fans React

ESPN host Bomani Jones.


Bomani Jones is ready for his latest venture with an all-new show. On Tuesday, the sports journalist took to his Twitter to promote "Game Theory," which he'll host on HBO Max starting March 13.

"Hey this is Bomani," Jones said in a video. "Got some news for you - some details on my about my new show on HBO called 'Game Theory.' Check it out on HBO Max on March 13, Selection Sunday, that's when we're going to be premiering."

"We're going to give you facts, stats and the context," Jones continued. "And it's HBO, so they gonna let me cuss a little bit. Please don't tell my momma about that."

Sports fans quickly reacted to Bomani's exciting announcement. "LEGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOO," tweeted The Athletic's Zach Harper.

"ESPN fumbled again," a user replied.

"Can’t wait for this," another user replied. "He’s the best in the business."

"I hope the dude who fired him from sports talk radio in Raleigh like fifteen years ago is sick," another commented.

"Somewhere Jason Whitlock is eating a banana hoping & praying that Bo fails."

"CANT WAIT," commented CBS Sports' 'Nata Edwards in all-caps.

"It’s time to get it!" said NBA writer Vincent Goodwill.

Great to see Bomani continuing to flourish. Congrats on the new show!