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Brady Quinn Names 1 Young Quarterback He's Not A Believer In

A closeup of Brady Quinn throwing the ball for Notre Dame.

Former NFL quarterback Brady Quinn isn't a believer in one AFC East quarterback.

Quinn was speaking about the New York Jets on CBS Sports HQ and he doesn't think they're going to be good this year. In turn, he also isn't a believer in second-year quarterback Zach Wilson.

"Their season is going to be over before they get to the bye," Quinn said. "That's just the reality of it. Their bye comes November 13th and they have to basically play the entire AFC North to start the season. They might go 0-4. There's a realistic scenario that they're 1-8 here (at the time of the bye)." 

"As good as the roster has improved, I just haven't been a believer in Zach Wilson. I think that this is an unbelievably difficult schedule that lightens up in the second half but they could be decimated by that point so I've got them winning five games and probably going back to the drawing board at the quarterback position in the 2023 NFL Draft."

Wilson struggled as a rookie even though he started most of the games for the Jets. He finished with 2,334 yards through the air, nine touchdowns, and 11 interceptions.

He'll have to be a lot better if the Jets are to commit to him for the long haul. 

Who knows, maybe Wilson will prove Quinn wrong as the season goes along.