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Breaking: Punishment Decided For Michigan Pitcher Caught Cheating

Michigan Wolverines pitcher during the Big Ten Tournament.

A bizarre situation unfolded during the Big Ten baseball tournament over the weekend. 

Michigan pitcher Willie Weiss was tossed from the Wolverines' tournament game against the Iowa Hawkeyes on Sunday. 

Umpires called a pause in action, inspected Weiss' glove and found a sticky substance. He was tossed from the game, as a result. 

The Big Ten has since decided on a punishment for the Michigan reliever. He'll be suspended for the next four games. 

Big Ten Associate Director Megan Althoff released the following statement to address the situation:

During the bottom of the fifth inning, the umpiring crew inspected the glove of Michigan pitcher #20 Willie Weiss to verify if it was in compliance with NCAA Baseball rule 9-2 c, which states: 9-2 c: The pitcher shall not have on their person or possess any foreign substance. The pitcher may apply rosin to his bare his hand or may use bare hands to rub the ball. The pitcher or defensive player(s) shall not apply any foreign substance or moisture to the ball or to the pitcher hand or fingers, or do anything to deface the ball. Upon inspection by the umpires, the glove was determined to be in clear violation of the NCAA Baseball rule 9-2 c, resulting in his ejection from the game and an additional four-game suspension. 

Michigan, meanwhile, defeated Rutgers 10-4 to win the Big Ten Tournament title.