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Browns Made Notable Decision On Media Availability Today

Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk recently reported that some news regarding the Deshaun Watson situation could come later today.

After that possibility was reported, the Browns delayed their media availability.

Given the timing of these two events, it's likely the Cleveland organization is putting together a statement on whatever news is about to break.

Watson was originally handed a six-game suspension for his violation of the league's personal conduct policy. Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL appealed that decision, seeking at least a full-season suspension for the Browns QB.

Watson and the league have reportedly been negotiating a possible settlement. The NFL is reportedly willing to compromise with a 12-game suspension, as long as it comes with a fine of at least $10 million. Former New Jersey attorney general Peter Harvey is overseeing the appeal.

This past weekend, Watson expressed remorse for his 24 civil cases of alleged sexual misconduct. This apology could be related to a possible settlement.

Initial reports indicate Watson has been suspended for 11 games and fined $5 million.