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Look: Officials Missed Obvious Holding Call During Bryce Young Scramble

Add this one to the long list of Texas fans' complaints about the officials on Saturday.

After several missed calls in the Longhorns' near upset of the No. 1 Crimson Tide, refs held their whistles on a huge holding call during Bryce Young's back-breaking scramble to put Alabama into field goal range.

UT faithful weren't letting this one slide on social media.

"Hold on the right tackle," one user replied.

"That’s a dynamite hold on the end there to let that happen," another said.

"How do you not call that hold???" another asked. "Refs were ass all game."

"So no hold on the RT ?" a fan laughed.

Young's Houdini act led to the game-winning field goal to let Alabama escape with a one-point victory.