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Cam Newton Could Return To Panthers: NFL World Reacts

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

MIAMI GARDENS, FLORIDA - NOVEMBER 28: Cam Newton #1 of the Carolina Panthers looks on from the sideline during the first half against the Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium on November 28, 2021 in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

Apparently, the Carolina Panthers aren't completely closing the door on another year of Cam Newton.

According to GM Scott Fitterer, "It's gotta be a fit for us and it's gotta be a fit for him, just as well. He's looking for a certain opportunity. The door's still open for us."

Carolina's Superman sequel started off well enough in 2021, but it quickly went downhill. Fans reacted to the Cam/Panthers rumors across social media. "LETS GET IT DONE," a Panthers fan said. "We need Cam Newton back back back."

"The Panthers organization has been horribly disrespectful to Cam Newton," replied another Carolina fan. "Please Cam tell them to f*** off!"

"The Panthers really do wanna suck again."


"Yay or nay on this Panthers fans?" asked 94.3 "The Game."

"Bring back Cam, draft Malik Willis, trade Sam [Darnold] for a 8th (idk just get him gone)," commented another.

"Lowkey he was disrespectful when he said the best player will play and the other player is Sam…. But as long as Cam's on a team and is able to break Mike Vick's record and is given a fair opportunity I’m cool with what ever team."

The Panthers have some decisions to make.