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Celebrity Promises To Leave Country If Herschel Walker Is Elected

US Senate candidate Herschel Walker.

GWINNETT, GA - SEPTEMBER 09: U.S. Republican Senate candidate for Georgia, Herschel Walker speaks to media at a campaign event on September 9, 2022 in Gwinnett, Georgia. Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker is running against incumbent Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock for November's election.(Photo by Megan Varner/Getty Images)

Republican candidate Herschel Walker is competing with incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock in a runoff election this Tuesday. 

In an interview with TMZ, stand-up comedian George Wallace mocked Walker. 

"A lot of stupid stuff going on in Georgia, like Herschel Walker down there," Wallace told TMZ. "Herschel Walker running for office makes as much sense as having an ashtray on a motorcycle. He pissed me off so bad I hate all the Walkers. I hate Jimmie Walker, I hate Johnnie Walker." 

Wallace then said he'll leave the country if Walker wins the runoff election.   

"If Herschel Walker makes it to the Senate, I'm moving to another country," he declared. "I'm going to Canada, I'm going to Switzerland or I'm going to Cleveland." 

Wallace seemed to be in good spirits during this interview with TMZ, laughing at some of his own jokes. 

As for the runoff election, the polls will close tonight. The race between Walker and Warnock should be decided fairly soon.