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CFL Players Are Reportedly Moving Toward A Strike

Edmonton Elks v Toronto Argonauts - Canadian Football League (CFL) ball

TORONTO, ON - NOVEMBER 16: A Canadian Football League football used during a game between the Edmonton Elks and Toronto Argonauts at BMO Field on November 16, 2021 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by John E. Sokolowski/Getty Images)

The CFL is heading towards a work stoppage. On Wednesday, the CFL Players Association informed its members that six teams will be able to strike starting on May 15.

The reason a strike may commence is because the union believes the latest offer for a new collective bargaining agreement doesn't satisfy its main issues.

"Today, the CFL tabled a new offer which addressed a number of our key issues,” the union told its players, via ProFootballTalk. “Unfortunately, our expectations on these issues have not been satisfied, and our committee does not believe that our key issues have been sufficiently resolved at this time. We need to negotiate further with the CFL on these critical issues to meet the standards and expectations of our membership." 

If a work stoppage does begin on May 15, it will not impact every team because there are different laws for each province in Canada.

That being said, the union has made it known that players out of work will not be stranded. 

"If a new collective agreement cannot be negotiated within a reasonable time following our work stoppage, the CFLPA will ensure that no player is stranded, and we are committing to pay for players’ flights or drives home, where they may remain until an agreement is reached," the memo read.

The CFL Players Association is fighting for revenue sharing, an increased salary cap and much more. 

The league and union could continue their negotiations into the weekend if they make progress over the next two days.