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Charles Barkley Reveals 'Secret' To His Successful Marriage

Charles Barkley and his wife sitting at a restaurant.

American basketball player Charles Barkley wearing a yellow, black and blue shirt with blue trousers, sitting with his wife, Maureen Blumhardt, in a branch of Planet Hollywood, location unspecified, 1994. (Photo by Vinnie Zuffante/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Everyone knows Hall of Famer and TNT broadcaster Charles Barkley had plenty of success on the court. But, his 33 years of marriage off it might be just as impressive. Especially in a country in which more than half of marriages end in divorce.

During a recent podcast appearance, Barkley revealed the secret to his three-decade-plus long marriage to Maureen Blumhardt; while also acknowledging her as a great wife and mother.

“Well, No. 1 I’m gone a lot. That always helps,” the 11-time All-Star joked. Adding, “I think the main reason is she accepts my flaws and all. She doesn’t judge me, accepts me how I am, she’s a great mother.”

The "Inside the NBA" personality also opened up about how tough it was on his family during his 16 seasons on the road. Saying, “Being in the limelight, people look at the good stuff. It’s a lot of crap that goes on behind the scenes.”

Charles Barkley is nothing but honest, never hesitating to speak his mind on or off-screen. But Chuck reiterated how grateful he is to have a partner that accepts him, for him.

With talk of Barkley's possible retirement from Turner Sports, he could soon enough be spending a lot more time with his family.

But members of his "Inside the NBA" family have their doubts about him leaving just yet.