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Chris Russo Names The City With Best Sports Fans: Fans React

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During Wednesday's episode of First Take on ESPN, Chris "Mad Dog" Russo ranked his top-five best fanbases by city.

Cleveland sat atop the list at No. 1.

Here's Russo's full top-five:

  1. Cleveland
  2. Detroit
  3. New York
  4. Chicago
  5. Philadelphia

The sports world took to Twitter to react to Russo's selection of Cleveland as the best fanbase city in the country.

Like Stephen A. Smith, many fans were appalled by this list.

"This is one of the single worst lists I’ve ever laid my eyes on," one fan wrote.

"Your sports knowledge is negative if you’re arguing why Cleveland is 1," another added.

Cleveland fans were thrilled by their No. 1 position.

"Gonna be a lot of crying by all the big market teams. #Clevelandagainsttheworld," one wrote.

"Believe Land," another said.

Russo defended his No. 1 selection:

"Without any question, it knows what kind of city it is. It's gritty. It doesn't pretend it's anything it isn't. The Cavs, the Guardians and the Browns... What a city this is. I'd live there in a minute."

What city would you put at No. 1?