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Chris Russo Says Lamar Jackson Is Overprotected: NFL World Reacts

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson after the win.

Chris "Mad Dog" Russo is well known for his controversial sports opinions.

During Friday's episode of First Take, the polarizing analyst revealed yet another debate-inducing take on Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Russo said Jackson is "overprotected" from criticism by the media.

"We all know that Jackson is a great player, he's fun to watch. Everyone in America knows that. But he's so hyped because if Jackson plays a great game and his team is winning games, we make him out to be Johnny Unitas. But If you criticize him when he has a bad game, all of a sudden we're being too critical of him," Russo said.

The NFL world took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Russo's take.

"I swear they go from ohhhh he’s great and then they bring up Josh Allen’s playoff run… No matter how great he is y’all going move that goal post," one fan wrote.

"I think he’s both overprotected and unfairly criticized at times," another added.

"Hilarious that 'overprotected' was used here yet it’s due to sports media outlets constantly nitpicking everything he does. You never see them same questions or statements made for Allen, Herbert, etc. after a poor performance. So if no one else will defend him, we will," another said.

Jackson will look to prove his haters and critics wrong in his fifth season with the Ravens in 2022.