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Colin Cowherd Reacts To Big College Football Transfer Rumor

Colin Cowherd talks Russell Wilson trade rumors.


Colin Cowherd understands that change can be hard, but he has a message for college football coaches following the Jordan Addison reports: "You've got to get comfortable with uncomfortable."

Speaking on the Addison situation, and allegations of "tampering," the FOX Sports 1 radio host admitted "players now have power." And that any talented offensive player would want to play for Lincoln Riley at USC.

Let me give you four points. Number one: if you're the best quarterback or wide receiver in college football, Lincoln Riley is going to be really attractive to you. ... Number two: Jordan Addison had a great year. Because he had Kenny Pickett, the best quarterback in college. Kenny Pickett left... wide receiver is a wildly dependent position. Caleb Williams, according to my scouts, would be the number one pick in this draft, next year's draft and the following draft.

Cowherd went on to explain that the Addison situation doesn't qualify as tampering in his eyes.

Number three: Jordan Addison and Caleb Williams are friends. It's not tampering when friends talk. ... Number four is: ask yourself if you're a college football fan. Do you like your current coach? How'd you get him? [Shocked] He was under contract with another school... under a binding, legal contract. And you're school contacted him. And he talked to you.

Earlier in the day, ESPN's Paul Finebaum said cheating is rampant in college football. However, he's not sure that was the case in this particular situation.

Pitt head football coach Pat Marduzzi thinks otherwise.