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Colin Cowherd Says It Must Be 'Miserable' To Be Fan Of 1 SEC Team

Colin Cowherd at a party

Colin Cowherd feels for the Tennessee Volunteers faithful.

On Saturday, No. 24 Tennessee battled through a nail-biting matchup with No. 17 Pittsburgh. While the Volunteers ultimately came out on top with a 34-27 victory in overtime, the team gave its fanbase plenty of worrisome moments.

"Being a  @Vol_Football fan must be a miserable experience," Cowherd said on Twitter.

"It’s a life of constant up and downs," one fan replied.

Cowherd was referring to a specific play in overtime in which quarterback Hendon Hooker broke out for a touchdown run, but the played was called back for a holding call.

Tennessee ended up scoring anyway, but this was certainly a face-palm moment for the fanbase.

The Volunteers are now 2-0 to start the 2022 season.