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Colin Cowherd Thinks 1 NFL QB Is The "New Russell Wilson"

FS1's Colin Cowherd.

Colin Cowherd speaks on the air on FS1.

FOX Sports 1 radio host Colin Cowherd admirers Russell Wilson more than any other athlete on the planet.

Cowherd is a massive fan of the Seattle Seahawks quarterback. He often points to Wilson as the premier example of what an NFL quarterback should be.

So, when Cowherd identifies one young NFL quarterback as the "new Russell Wilson," that's a major compliment.

The FOX Sports 1 radio host identified Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz as that player earlier this week.

“I always, with quarterbacks, take out the rookie year. Don’t count the rookie year. Start with the second year. In the last three years, 81 touchdowns [and] 21 picks. That’s a four to one ratio. 64 and a half completion percentage. Passer rating at 98. And in one of those years, he was throwing to deck chairs and lawn furniture. What is — and I said this, I take pride in spotting quarterback talent early. I did it with Russell Wilson three and four years ago. I said, ‘Folks, stop it. It’s not the Seahawks defense. It’s not Pete Carroll, it’s not Marshawn Lynch. Russell Wilson is the secret sauce to this near dynasty," Cowherd said, per Bleeding Green Nation.

"I don’t get the Carson Wentz pushback. ‘Well, he’s been hurt!’ He’s missed eight regular season games in four seasons. Not that hurt. Is it because he played for a college we didn’t watch on TV? Is it because Nick Foles won and we think if Nick Foles can win, anybody can win with your talent? He is the player in the league now — because I think people have come around, I think people eventually came around on Andrew Luck, I think they’ve come around on Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson now has not just me but dozen of backers. Wentz is the new Russell Wilson. He’s good, stop it. He’s the only guy in this league, you watch Patrick Mahomes and you can see Wentz. Arm, angles, talent, mobility, size, moves. Gets banged up because he moves around a little bit. No one else looks like Mahomes, Wentz kinda looks like him.”

Wentz has been hurt, specifically in the postseason, which has probably caused the casual fan to think less of him.

But the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback is among the best in the league when he's healthy. Hopefully he'll be able to play 16-plus games in 2020.

The Eagles open the 2020 season on Sept. 13 against Washington.